Away for a week

Just letting you know that I’ll be away for the week (Mon-Fri), so if you don’t get a reply from me, that’s why 🙂  Any orders made during that week will be sent out the following week.


Obsidian Star Special Offers

Maybe I’m weird for knowing this, but I’ve sold my 1000th pad…. )

So, randomly over the next few days, you will notice both at Cloth Pad Shop and on my WAHMweb store, I have a few select custom order spots, I’ll put up a completely free pad, and I’ll put up a special pad. These will be first in best dressed, and not even I know when they will be going to go up yet ;)

What is a “custom order Slot”? Well because I’ve become quite busy I haven’t been accepting custom orders like I used to. So a “custom order slot” allows the lucky person to have a custom order – their choice of pad from any of my fabrics.

So thank you to all my fantastic customers ! This is my way of saying thanks.