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Obsi’s Observations

I often see products I really love on CPS, so I thought it might be time to show them off 🙂

Of course we have all sorts of great and lovely things on CPS, but some really catch my eye, so hopefully they will catch yours too!

(This first issue of Obsi’s Observations is quite long, because I have to show off a lot, but I’ll do updates with just a few new products in future :))

A Little Monkey Business

Ambrosia Designs

Bohemian Rainbow


Dagny’s Promise

Happy Pads

Lisa’s Boutique

Luna Wolf

Magdalena Nehm

Modest Maiden


Naturally Hip

Noonee Wilga

Platinum Panties


Quirky Quintessentials

Sunshine ‘n’ Lollipops

Twinkle Lily

The Velvet Rabbit