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Site Updates

Obsi’s Observations :)

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so I thought it was about time!

(these are some lovely things I’ve spotted on the CPS sites)

Wetbag by A Little Monkey Business

Funky pads by Earthchild Designs

Buddha and Fairy pads from Girly Bits

Disco Witch & Unicorn pads by Green Chickadee

Soap and Soaking jar cover (or pad storage bag)  from Happy Pads

Bamboo fleece reusable tampon from Honour your Flow

DIY patterns, Love Bug pad and Reusable wipes from Luna Wolf

Crochet Tampon and Curved Night Pad from Magdalena Nehm

Lunette Menstrual Cup and Piggy Pad from Noonee Wilga

Geisha and flower ladies pads from Picanini

Diva Cups and Pads from Quirky Quintessentials

A 3 pack of pads from Rose Pads

Kokopelli and Night Sky Pads from Scarlet Eve

Twinkle Lily and Go With The Flo Pads from Sunshine n Lollipops

Cycle beads and Floral Pad from The Velvet Rabbit

Pads from Yurtcraft