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Welcome aboard Indigo Honey & Mono Mio

A bit of a belated welcome to Indigo Honey, who joined us as a guest seller on our AUS side in December and has decided to stay on and become part of the team!  Indigo Honey uses beautiful fabrics and her range includes double sided reversible pantyliners, so it’s almost like having 2 pads in one!


And also welcome to Mono Mio, who has just opened on our US/CAN side.  Mono Mio offers affordable and adjustable pad options, with sets of wingless pads with interchangable wings, as well as winged pads… all in an assortment of colourful fabrics.  Wingless pads are favoured by some women for bike riding etc. where snaps and other closures may feel uncomfortable, so these removable winged pads give the opportunity to have wings when you want them, and none when you don’t.


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