Spotlight on – A Little Monkey Business


A Little Monkey Business is owned by me, Caroline. I have a huge fascination with monkeys, hence the name. I began sewing when I was about five or six with just a simple needle and thread. as far back as I know I come from a line of sewers. I used to beg mum to let me use the sewing machine. It is now a life long passion. Now I am  passing that same passion on to my girls. when I’m not sewing I’m home educating my brood of children, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and gardening. I’m always aiming at a self sufficient life style, growing your own food is very satisfying, plants do really love you talking to them ;).

Funky and bright fabrics set my heart racing. I find myself running my hands over the fabrics at local fabric stores, i just cant help myself. I just love the different textures and colours. My fabric stash is way to small for my liking but rather large by my hubbys standards. 🙂 I’m always on the hunt for yummy fabrics to make pads and quilts out of. Customer satisfaction is my top priority in making and selling pads. Hope you enjoy browsing through my little store.