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New Newsletter

We are going to be doing an overhaul of our newsletter/mailing list service.  We never really use the yahoogroups one as it’s not very exciting,  mostly because we can’t show pictures, so we don’t get inspired to use it.  So we’re switching newsletter hosts, and will aim to bring out interesting newsletters for you in the future!

We promise not to make them too frequent!  we don’t like being flooded with e-mails ourselves, so we’ll make sure you don’t feel like we’re pestering you 🙂

So, please let us know what you would like to see in our newsletters.

Things we were thinking of, include:

  • Details of upcoming themes, specials and news from our stores.
  • Spotlight on different sellers – a bit of info on them, and some pictures of their goodies or workspace, or themselves, to help you get to know more about our sellers.
  • FAQ section – where we answer some frequently asked questions
  • Hints & Tips – where we give some (hopefully) helpful advice on using reusable menstrual products (such as cleaning tips, storage ideas and so on).
  • DIY – some info on making your own pads.  Including where to source patterns and supplies.  We might even post some pictures of our customers DIY pads they would like to show off
  • Recipes or other things for a bit of interest.

What else would you like to see?  Let us know so we can help tailor the newsletter to what you would like to receive.

And to join the newsletter – sign up here!


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