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Next week is “Giveaway Week”

We thought we’d do something fun!  Next week, from Mon (13th)-Fri (17th), we will be giving away a pad/liner each day to one (random) lucky person!

Each day we’ll make a blog post, with the details of the pad, and to enter the draw, you just have to comment on the blog post to submit your entry.  The winner will then be chosen at random to receive that pad, and the next giveaway will be put up.

(terms & conditions will be posted when the giveaway begins)

As a special bonus to our newsletter subscribers, we’ll be putting up an extra giveaway on Sat 18th, which will be a password protected blog entry – the password will be given out in the newsletter that is coming out shortly.  So, if you’ve not yet signed up for the newsletter – now is a great time to do so 😀


3 thoughts on “Next week is “Giveaway Week”

  1. I wonder if there will be give-aways to international costumers? or is it possible to enter the give-away and pay for shipping? I do not live in the US, Canada or Australia.

  2. Were abouts do you live? We set the 2 areas because that’s where the majority of our traffic comes from, and it saves the hassle of some stores happy to post internationally and some not, but I’ve asked for any of the sellers who are happy to post internationally to let me know and I can open the giveaways up for those to anyone.

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