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Nappy Hunt

Nappy?  But we’re a cloth pad site!?

For those who don’t know, the “Cloth Nappy Hunt” is like an internet scavenger hunt.  You need to register (free) to join in the hunting, and then you look on the participating (sponsor) sites to find a little picture of a cloth nappy.

The hunt starts today (1st Sept) and runs all month.  You register at

Why would you want to traipse all over the Internet looking for pictures of nappies?  because there are PRIZES to be won!  (and because some of the hunts can be really fun to do).  There is $10 000 in prizes up for grabs, including Three Grand Prizes worth approx $350 each and one Ultimate Grand Prize worth $500!

For more details about this great event, please visit the FAQ page at and the Rules page.

To be kept up to date with all things Hunt related please join and/or


In addition to all that – some of our stores are offering extra discounts, and we’ll be putting up a giveaway here shortly!

Some of our stores are actually sponsoring the hunt themselves too, so make sure you check out their hunts too.


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