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September Back to School Campaign

As many young girls start back to school in Canada and the U.S there are many young girls world wide who can not go to school simply because they are girls. Every month they face a lack of sanitary supplies and miss days of school. This causes them to fall behind and eventually drop out of school. So what if…

– We could give that girl a cloth pads to use each month.

– She could stay in school and finish her education, this would allow her to break a cycle of poverty.

-You bought cloth pads here and for every 1 you bought a needy girl was supplied with one.

– You could make a difference!

For the entire month of September Good4uproducts is going to match pads bought from our store one to one. This means that for every pad or kit you buy from Good4uproducts, one will be added to a kit for a young girl in Guatemala. New pads and pad kits will be added over the next few days and weeks. Then the donated pads will be given out in Guatemala in early 2012.
Tell a friend and make a difference today!


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