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We’re interested to know how you use the Cloth Pad Shop website, and what could make your shopping a bit easier.  So we’ve got some questions for you.  Please reply below with your answers to these questions, and as a thankyou for your input, we’ll do a giveaway for one random commenter 🙂

So, please tell us:

  1. When you come to Cloth Pad Shop, how do you normally get there – Do you come in from a link somewhere (facebook, google, a blog, a forum etc.)? do you have us bookmarked? or do you type it in?
  2. Do you ever look at the other section of Cloth Pad Shop?  (eg if you come in to the Australian section, do you ever look at the US/CAN section?)  – if you don’t, can you tell us why you don’t look there?
  3. When shopping for pads, what do you look for most of all –  Do you shop by the size, absorbency or brand?  or do you just like to browse everything and see what takes your fancy?
  4. The AIO pad categories on the side menu are currently sorted by absorbency of the pad, would you prefer to see this sorted by pad length instead?  (grouped into sizes such as “pads under 20cm”, “pads under 25cm” etc.)
  5. In the product categories, would you like to see the products sorted in a particular order (such as shorter/lighter pads higher up the page and longer/heavier pads further down)?  randomly sorted?  or by a particular other sorting method?  Or do you not have a preference?  Does this matter if we include pad size categories (which make it easier to see the pad size you want without needing them sorted by size in these categories)
  6. The “all products” page shows the product images as a thumbnail (small picture) without any description on the page (however you can hold your mouse pointer on the image to see the product title, price and a brief description).  This view allows you to see more of what is on offer at a glance, but does not give as much information as the larger listings found in the categories and store pages, and you have to click on the image to be able to buy the product. Would you like to see this smaller thumbnail view used on the category and store pages as well, or do you prefer the larger view used on those pages?

2 thoughts on “Site feedback

  1. 1. email subscription so I know when you post something new.
    2. no because i didn’t think I could purchase from there
    3. just browse and look at things that catch my eye and and a bit of size/absorbency shopping
    4. I like looking by absorbency
    5. I like the absorbency/size listed in a lighter/smaller to heavier/larger gradient.
    6. larger view on those.

  2. 1. I usually get to CPS from Facebook status updates about new stock or a sale. I have it bookmarked though.
    2. Yes, I look at the Australian section too.
    3. I shop by brand first and then I click “View All..”
    4. I like sorting by absorbency but the addition of length menus would be nice too.
    5. I like the current sorting. Shorter/lighter to Longer/Heavier. I wouldn’t like to see it be random.
    6. I like the current thumbnail because it’s easy to right click and open a new tab. Although, a larger photo wouldn’t hurt.

    Good Luck! & thanks for the drawing 🙂

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