New Store – Kelly Casanova

Our newest member at the Cloth Pad Shop is Kelly Casanova – a stay at home, homeschooling Mum to 4. After making and using her own cloth pads for years, Kelly is now sharing her unique, hand dyed designs with you!

After using and making my own cloth pads for many years I decided to share my unique, hand dyed designs with you! I became fed up with commercial tampons and pads and started to look for more natural, sustainable and comfortable alternatives. After trying cloth pads and menstrual cups I will never go back!

I use only new and good quality materials to dye and sew pads that are not just functional but beautiful and fun as well.

I try to cater for all age groups and offer a variety of pads to suit everyone. I am also an agent for my favourite menstrual cup – the DivaCup. I hope you love using my cloth pads as much as I do 🙂

As a special opening offer, any purchase from Kelly Casanova in the month of July and August will go in the draw to win a beautiful prize pack of 1 DivaCup, 1 liner, 1 regular pad and 1 waterproof maxi pad!



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