Freebie Fridays

Freebie Fridays!

Starting this week, we are introducing an ongoing special event – “Freebie Fridays”. Each Friday we will have some sort of special offer by one of our stores. This might be free shipping, a free gift with each order, free upgrade in a custom order – who knows!   The offers and stores participating will change each Friday, so you’re sure to find some great offers!

We’ll let you know on the Thursday before, which stores are participating and what they are offering – on our facebook page, in our newsletters, twitter and here on the blog.

To find out more about “Freebie Fridays”, including the timezone information so you can check exactly when the offers are valid for, and any terms and conditions. See our website


Freebie Friday 23rd Aug:
Noonee Wilga
Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10)
Offer: Free liner for orders over $20

Cozy Folk – Free menstrual cramp tincture for every order over $25
Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT -5)
Offer: Free menstrual cramp tincture for every order over $25

Here’s some information about Cozy Folk’s Freebie:

“This tincture contains the organically grown herbs Cramp Bark and Black Haw, which have been traditionally used for centuries to soothe the muscles of the uterus and reduce menstrual cramps. As needed, take 1 – 2 droppersful with a small amount of water or juice. This small bottle doesn’t need refrigeration and can be conveniently carried with you in your purse or backpack.”


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