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New Store – BnB Intimates!

We would like to welcome our newest store! BnB Intimates

An Introduction by Heidi:

“Thank you for letting me join everyone on this Fab Site! I am Heidi and the owner and creator of Bibs n’ Buns Modern Cloth Nappies and BnB Intimates. I’m a very busy WAHM with a FIFO husband, 2 boys (3.5ys & 2yrs) and live in sunny Queensland Australia. Under the BnB heading we specialise in MCN’s, CSP and Wet Bags but also dabble in Breast Pads, Clothing and a few other kiddie items. I started out last year making MCN’s as a hobby which has now grown to something I really love. We have now expanded into CSP and have designed and created out own pattern that not only gives reliable protection but is also a slim line design so much comfier to wear.”

“All our csp is made with high quality materials on an industrial embroidery machine giving the finished product a beautiful professional finish. We specialise in 100% cotton (Quilters Print Cotton, Jersey Knit, Flannel and Cotton Velour) but also offer other materials such as Bamboo velour and Minky. We also proudly support WAHM with all our products from hand dyed bamboo, the inner cores up to the material in which are used to construct the pad.
We offer a variety of sizes from 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′ pads all with different variants of absorbency created to suit every woman’s needs. All inner cores have different amounts of absorbency including 1 or 2 layers of Natural Bamboo Fleece and/or 1 or 2 layers of Zorb depending on absorbency required and range from $9 to $18 depending of size, top and absorbency.”

“All standard pads have Tear Drop Absorbency indicators which are also uniquely embroidered down the middle of each pad. The more tear drops the more absorbent they are so it is easy to see which one you will need. Designer embroidered details will have a letter embroidered on a wing as an absorbency indicator. If you would like to see some of my work please head over to the BnB facebook page and don’t be shy.. Make sure you say Hi!”


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