Cloth Pad Shop US/Can closed

It is with some regret that we have an announcement to make.

Cloth Pad Shop first opened in Australia in 2007.  In 2008 we opened a US/Canadian store, to be able to offer pricing in USD and featuring sellers from those locations.  Later on we briefly tried an European store too, but that wasn’t as successful.

As the new year is a time for making changes, we have decided that it is time to close the US/CAN branch of Cloth Pad Shop – which has been rather quiet for a while.  We have been trying to compete against other larger “Mall” type stores and with the decision by some pad makers not to continue selling cloth pads in 2015 due to the FDA regulations on cloth pads, it seemed like now was the time to close that section of the site down, and go back to having just one “Cloth Pad Shop”, primarily based in Australia.

We would like to thank all the stores and customers who have been part of Cloth Pad Shop US/CAN since it opened in 2008. We have seen some wonderful pads and other products and served many customers.

Cloth Pad Shop will continue to remain open, and some of the US/Canadian sellers have/will be reopening their stores.  So we are not closing down for good!  Just one part of CPS.

We hope you will pop over and have a look at the great products available, no matter where you live, as most of our stores do ship Internationally.


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