Introducing Toffee Apple Sweet Kreations

“Who is Toffee Apple Sweet Kreations?
Toffee Apple Sweet Kreations was born from my love for fabrics and sewing. I started making cloth reusables earlier this year due to one of my daughters starting her period and I disliked the thought of her using disposables for her entire life, as she has had severe reactions to certain things in the past. The name Toffee Apple Sweet Kreations includes the first letters of mine and my children’s names.
So who am I? I am a mother of 3 awesome special needs children whom I homeschool with the aide of Distance Education, I am also a Dog Groomer by trade for almost 20yrs. My love for sewing began when I was around the age of 9yrs old the day my mother allowed me to actually use her sewing machine.
Today my love of fabric has made me an addict of sorts because there are so many cute adorable and different cotton prints available and its hard to resist them when all I can see in my mind are what the different styles of pads and wetbags I create would look like in each print I find. Fabrics I commonly use for all my sewing include, Cotton, Cotton Flannel, Minky and a small amount of Bamboo Velour. I absolutely love Hemp Fleece for pad cores and am about to venture into the world of Zorb.
My creations are generally custom made to order as I really do love to make people happy with what they purchase from me and I love the thrill of creating with fabric choices I would possibly never thought to put together.
Please do join my Facebook Group to keep up to date with all the happenings of Toffee Apple Sweet Kreations . If you are not on facebook please feel free to email any questions you may have in regards to an order you would like to make or anything at all.”