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New store – These Little wagons


Cloth pad Shop welcomes an old store back with a new name. Formerly known as “Platinum Panties”, Kristie is back again with a new name and a great new line of pantyliners and pad storage bags! These great little bags make a pretty way to keep your pad stash organised.

“These Little wagons…run by a mom of 6 with an interest in pretty ways to celebrate our femininity while helping to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Most of my stash bags are made using upcycled or vintage fabrics and embellishments, another way to reuse and the perfect way to store your clean pads between cycles. Each bag is usually a one of a kind and capable of expanding to fit 20+ pads quite easily.  Buy something that was old and now new and love your planet.”

These Little Wagons is now open on CPS AU

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Autumn & Spring

We’ve got a special theme through the month of May, “Autumn & Spring”. Through the month, our stores will be adding new stock featuring this theme. So keep checking back through the month to see what else gets added!!!

Autumn & Spring on CPSAU & Autumn & Spring on CPSUS

Some of the themed products already available:

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t_butterfliesliner t_ObsidianStarNeophyte_2513_brownfloral t_DSCN9712

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Latest CPS News

Nappy Hunt

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the twelfth semi-annual Cloth Nappy Hunt! How does the CNH work? It’s simple! You register, for FREE, at anytime between now and the end of September, 2012. You visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the nappy picture (icon), to earn entries to win some of the $8500 in prizes, including Four Grand Prizes worth approx $300 and an Ultimate Grand Prize valued at $500!

For more details about this great event, please visit the FAQ page at the Rules page.

Registering to hunt also gives you access to the exclusive Discount Code allowing you to take advantage of all the specials listed Here

Discounts offered by our stores this month:

A Little Monkey Business – 15% off storewide
Clothcycle – Free pantyliner (orders over $50) + a 5% discount voucher included in the order.
Green Chickadee – 10% off using the Hunt Discount Code
Happy Pads – 15% off storewide
Mandy Jane Creations – 15% off storewide + free shipping
Noonee Wilga – Free liner (orders over $50) & free shipping to Aus and NZ
Obsidian Star – 10% off using the Hunt Discount Code + various special offers
Picanini – 20% off using the Hunt Discount Code + various special offers
Scarlet Eve – Free Shipping during September

Edibles by Noonee Wilga
Noonee Wilga will be launching a themed stocking on 5th September. Order your custom made pads with bamboo velour tops and backed with cotton prints featuring fruit, vegetables and other edible delights. As with all Noonee Wilga pads, you can select your preferred pad style, length, absorbency and waterproofing.

Obsidian Star Restocked
Obsidian Star has added some new stock, including gorgeous minky pads, terry topped night pads and more. As well as the 10% discount for hunters, get a free pantyliner with all orders over $30 until Midnight Saturday 8th Sept

Caroline’s Creations
Has several discounts available (valid on any listings)
OVER3SALE = 10% off total purchase of 3 or more listings | OVER6SALE = 15% off total purchase of 6 or more listings
OVER9SALE = 20% of the total purchase of 9 or more listings | OVER12SALE = 25% off the total purchase of any 12 or more listings
OVER18SALE = 30% off the total purchase of any 18 or more listings  | OVER24SALE = 35% off the total purchase of any 24 or more listings

ZORB will also now be an option for the cores of the custom pads.

Picanini Introduces Fold Up Pads
Fold up pads are a great solution for those that wish to have excellent absorbency, with a shorter drying time. Fold the trifold up when using the pad, unfold it when washing for quicker drying. The pad provides 4 layers of heavy-weight bamboo fleece when folded up. Also, an extra special – check the Picanini facebook page for a special offer

Introducing Hand Printed Fabrics

Kelly Casanova introduces her hand printed fabrics and explains a bit about the process.

“I often find it amusing that the commercial pad and tampon companies are constantly bringing out newer, more colourful and attractive packaging. They even try to entice with little facts or jokes printed on the disposable paper strips for pads.

The disappointing part is when you open the product and find the same old off white, commercially and chemically produced product!

The beauty of cloth pads is not only their great functionality and extreme comfort but the fact that they can be fun and personalised! Why have a boring looking pad when you have so many options? I think this is an important step to attract teenagers and younger woman to give cloth a try too.

I’ve been experimenting with altered cloth for many years and have a few favourite ways to customise. Obviously, one technique I use frequently is hand dyeing but another is hand printing with various techniques. It is the latter I’d like to talk about today and share a little of my process for lino printing.

My husband is a talented artist and lino cutter which benefits me, as I get to use his lino blocks to alter my cloth! If you’re thinking “what on earth is lino?!” it is good old linoleum traditionally used for flooring (albeit new and improved artist versions) that can be carved with lino tools and then used for printing.

For pads, I start out with a white piece of 100% cotton (usually quilter’s muslin or homespun). I normally either hand paint or dye this piece. Using a foam roller and eco friendly water based screen printing ink, I roll the previously cut lino piece with a foam roller and ink. This is pressed very firmly onto the fabric, either in a repeat design or random pattern. Once the ink is completely dry it is heat set with an iron for 3 minutes at least to ensure washability.

I love creating new fabrics in this way – it means I can completely customise my project and have a piece of cloth that is unlike any other (and for the most part is one of a kind and not repeatable).

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my work, I’d love to share more with you all in future :)”

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New Store – Mandy Jane Creations

I’ve been a little bit late in welcoming Mandy Jane Creations to Cloth Pad Shop – but you may have seen some of her fine work on the site 🙂

Here is a little about Mandy  and Mandy Jane Creations:

“Hi, my name is Mandy and I’m mum to nine children ranging in ages from 20yrs to 1yr old.  Mandy Jane Creations was created by me after I became addicted to cloth nappies after the birth of my second last child.  During that time I discovered Reuseable Cloth Pads for myself and I was in love. I was amazed at how menstruating could become a pleasure just from using products that were enviromentally friendly but importantly better for my body.

I believe in sharing those things that are good in my life and Cloth Pads are one of those things.  I’m a licensed seamstress for Little Sky Handmade Pads and I soon will be adding Kiki Pads to my stock along with some cute little bags for carrying the cloth pads in when out and about..  Sewing Pads has become a  great way for me to combine gorgeous fabrics and an amazing product.”


Mandy Jane Creations is running a 10% off discount (using the code:  MJC10) from the 23rd – 27th July

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Site feedback

We’re interested to know how you use the Cloth Pad Shop website, and what could make your shopping a bit easier.  So we’ve got some questions for you.  Please reply below with your answers to these questions, and as a thankyou for your input, we’ll do a giveaway for one random commenter 🙂

So, please tell us:

  1. When you come to Cloth Pad Shop, how do you normally get there – Do you come in from a link somewhere (facebook, google, a blog, a forum etc.)? do you have us bookmarked? or do you type it in?
  2. Do you ever look at the other section of Cloth Pad Shop?  (eg if you come in to the Australian section, do you ever look at the US/CAN section?)  – if you don’t, can you tell us why you don’t look there?
  3. When shopping for pads, what do you look for most of all –  Do you shop by the size, absorbency or brand?  or do you just like to browse everything and see what takes your fancy?
  4. The AIO pad categories on the side menu are currently sorted by absorbency of the pad, would you prefer to see this sorted by pad length instead?  (grouped into sizes such as “pads under 20cm”, “pads under 25cm” etc.)
  5. In the product categories, would you like to see the products sorted in a particular order (such as shorter/lighter pads higher up the page and longer/heavier pads further down)?  randomly sorted?  or by a particular other sorting method?  Or do you not have a preference?  Does this matter if we include pad size categories (which make it easier to see the pad size you want without needing them sorted by size in these categories)
  6. The “all products” page shows the product images as a thumbnail (small picture) without any description on the page (however you can hold your mouse pointer on the image to see the product title, price and a brief description).  This view allows you to see more of what is on offer at a glance, but does not give as much information as the larger listings found in the categories and store pages, and you have to click on the image to be able to buy the product. Would you like to see this smaller thumbnail view used on the category and store pages as well, or do you prefer the larger view used on those pages?
Site Updates


We’ve been having a Halloween theme at Cloth Pad Shop over the last week.  If Halloween is your thing, come check out some of the Spooky (and lovely!) pads we have available!


Halloween Breast Pads

Halloween Pantyliners

Halloween Pads

Obsidian Star is also running a special offer – Spend $15 or more on Obsidian Star Halloween pads from Cloth Pad Shop, and receive a free Halloween Pantyliner with your order!